Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion.

Hello. I would like to talk about social media tools which help everyone to build up a personal, professional brand image or a great impression to a potential employer for our future careers. Social networking is very crucial in today’s society since everyone is most likely to have access to the internet. Depending on how we are taking advantage of social networking, it may have a strong influence on our future path that we are heading for. Through this posting, I am going to discuss a significance of social media tools and the reasons why many people using them.


FACEBOOK: It was opened on February 4 2004. In 2012, May now Facebook, as the Nasdaq-listed company, is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA. There are so many Facebook users with their daily pictures and writing, and share them with others. If you want to be friend with somebody on Facebook, she or he has to accept your request as a friend and become friends with each other. Also you can share photos, writing or your thoughts posted. Yahoo offered $10 billion takeovers in 2006, but it was rejected and it became a hot topic. In 2007, Microsoft invested $240 million which is 1.6% stake in Facebook.

YouTube: It is a website which shares various video contents uploaded by netizens all over the world. It was co-founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in February 2005. After that, the same year in November the formal service has begun. YouTube has emerged as a Web 2.0 leader and it was taken as one of the best inventions in 2006 by Times. A person who uploaded the video can earn money depending on the view hits. Many people upload videos which they want to discuss and they can build up professional images on YouTube. People and Business use YouTube a lot since it is one of the very powerful social media websites. Google has decided to acquire YouTube $1.65 billion through a stock exchange in October 2006.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn was founded by a president, Reed Hoffman at his home in 2002. It is currently the world’s largest business professional social network service company 1 billion people in 200 countries have joined. In the initial stage, it had been started as SNS related to seek employment and job recruiting. However, it is mostly used by business men to look for buyers, new markets, and business partners. Recently, small and medium business have achieved remarkable outcomes through LinkedIn, SNS is being received attention as means to find a new oversees market. The reason why LinkedIn get an attention as a new export way is that it is able to communicate in real, it takes short time until it is accomplished a contract through LinkedIn. Also, there is a high reliability, when creating profiles, identity and certification strictly required.

Twitter: It was developed jointly as ‘micro-blog’ or ‘mini-blog’ by the American Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone in 2006. San Francisco venture company, Obvious Corp opened it for the first time. Twitter means chatter, it is a place where you can write what you want to say shortly in real time. The characters are limited to maximum of 140 characters.Twitter has friend function which is in blog of an interface and immediacy function. It is a social network service. You can follow interested people by using follow function which is a unique feature. Communication in Twitter revolves around follow function. Many celebrities use Twitter to promote a new movie or a new song.

Instagram: It is a photo sharing program. It features a variety of digital filter effects. IPhone and Android have an application of Instagram. In terms of running the application, you can use all the features such as shooting and retouching effect and online sharing.


Social networking is to liaise and to connect between people to other people like a bridge for many reasons such as job recruiting, personal relationships, professional brand image. Professionals use social networking tools for self-promotion or self-marketing. For example, one of blogger who likes a DSLR camera posted an appraisal of a DSLR camera on his blog, related articles and self-assessment about a DSLR camera that he used. It had become hot issue on the internet, and He became a power blogger which means an influential person among many blogs and a lot of people come and visit to the blog. As a result, the power blogger was recruited from a camera manufacturer company.

People can create personal or professional brand images by sharing trustworthy opinions with people and by uploading some articles in his or her favorite field, and objective analysis of articles. In terms of visual image, try to avoid intrusive pictures in general. That way, people can create great personal and professional images.

For the business usage, many companies utilize social networking services as their marketing strategy. For example, when people on Facebook click like button on their products, they want to give some people who clicked like button a discount coupons or promotional code. If a lot of people click like button, the goods can get much attention in a short time period. Therefore it brings about a good and fast promotional effect to the general public.

Also, Job recruiters use social media tools to find potential job candidates. Job seekers upload their resumes on social media tools like a LinkedIn website to search for a job and try to get involved in the groups that they are interested in. Also, job seekers want to expand their networking by sending messages on the LinkedIn website. Job recruiters check and verify suitable potential employees to the company. Social Media tools such as LinkedIn help to make a connection between job seekers and potential employers.

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